The Ultimate Shed Buying Guide - How to Buy a Shed - Step by Step Shed Purchase Process Map

Researching what you want your shed to be and look like is only one aspect of the shed buying process.  When purchasing a shed, there are many things to consider.  We have put together a simple step by step map, or process, on how to effeiciently and effectivley move through the purchase process of buying a shed.

Trying to figure out all the information you need to know and questions you need to answer does not have to be frustrating.  Follow this simple guide to buying a shed, and you will find that with Robin Sheds, your shed purchase process is simple!

Determine your city, county, town, or municipaliy that authorizes permits for your parcel of property.

This may sound simple enough, but you may live in an area where your address says a city, but the governing authority may be a township, county, parish, or other entity.  You can search this City Limits Map to help determine your municipality.  If you are unable to determine your permitting contact, contact us and we will help find out for you.

Determine permit requirements for your structure.

Almost ALL municipalities in Florida require permits for shed installations.  It is important to know if you need a permit to avoid any potential future issues with after the fact permits, penalties, and fines.  Also, you will want to know if the municipality has certain sizes that do not require a permit for installation.  To make this quicker, you can contact us and ask as we have vast experience in permitting in Florida cities and counties.

Assess the accessibility of the shed location.

Most sheds are pre-manufactured, meaning they are built at a factory and shipped as a complete unit to the final desination site.  Pre-manufactured sheds are prefered mainly due to their ease of manufacture, cost, and quick installation.  Things to take into account are:

    • Lot line location
    • Fencing and gates (some can be removed and replaced if necessary)