Located in Dunnellon on Hwy 41, Just south of the Withalacoochee River. 

Probuilt Structures Robin Sheds of Dunnellon

12397 N Florida Ave
Dunnellon, FL 34434

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Can’t Decide what style shed you want?

Visit the Robin Shed Style Page to view multiple options. Choose from the Gambrel Barns for a loft and a rustic feel.  If a modern shed style is what you are looking for, you could go with the stylish Vista with it’s single slope and wonderful siding options.  But, don’t count out the super popular Americana, which hands down is the superior shed in Dunnellon, Florida

Shed Permit Requirements for Dunnellon, Florida

Dunnellon, Florida crosses into three separate permitting municipalities.  For those parcels in the City of Dunnellon, they are governed by the City of Dunnellon Building Department.  Those parcels of propterty looking to permit a shed south of the Withlacoochee River, they will deal with the Citrus County Building Department.  All parcels that have addresses of Dunnellon located in the unincorporated area of Marion County will need to work with the Marion County Building Department.  All three municipalities have requirements for sheds and other accessory structures to be permitted when installed.  

But, do not fear, for the PERMIT GEEKS are here!

Robin Sheds, partnered with Permit Geeks, is capable of pulling your permits for your shed if you don’t want to do it yourself.  Just let one of our associates know and they will get all the information necessary to make the shed permit retrieval in Dunnellon simple and painless.

Looking for a Shed Mover Shed Mover in Dunnellon?

Shed Moving Service in Dunnellon, FL

Robin Sheds of Dunnellon also moves sheds.  Moving sheds in Dunnellon is done with specialized equipment made for the task.  Take a look at the video to see how we move sheds.  If you ever wondered how can I get my shed moved, here is how!  Call our Dunnellon shed sales office today to schedule your shed move at 352-489-2000.

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