Robin Sheds Building Styles

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The Americana by Robin Buildings

The Americana is the most popular of the Robin Sheds lineup. This simple and attractive shed utilizes the trim New England style, and combined with an economical price rockets this model to the top of the list for buyers. Beauty and efficiency are two of the many reasons why thousands of shed shoppers choose the Americana. Robin Builders incorporates many features such as multiple windows, electrical packages, vertical roofing as standards that other manufacturers charge extra for.

The Floridian  by Robin Buildings

The Floridian is another popular shed from Robin Sheds. It is a unique style with the gable on the long wall of the shed. This model is available with an optional 3” eave to further complement the design. We also offer many window, doors, and other various options to pick and choose from when designing your perfect shed.

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The Porch Model by Robin Buildings

Everyone loves the idea of lazily dreaming away the time on the porch. The Robin Porch Model Shed is a beautifully crafted option for those who want more than just the shed look.

The Gambrel Barn by Robin Buildings

Our Gambrel Barn combines the appeal of a traditional barn style with the additional head room and storage. This style features a 4’ loft area, which creates a versatile space to maximize storage capacity. The Gambrel Barn’s attractive look is sure to enhance any backyard environment.

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The Gambrel High Lofted Cabin by Robin Buildings

The Gambrel High Lofted Cabin is a Shed with the classic barn look. You can upgrade a Gambrel Barn to a High Lofted Cabin. This style comes with a 4 ft deep porch across the front end of the building and comes standard with a 36”x78” 9-light residential door. The High Lofted Cabin ensures ample interior storage space with both a 4 ft. rear loft and an additional loft space above the porch.

The Gambrel Side Lofted Cabin by Robin Buildings

Upgrade our awesome Gambrel Barn to a Side Lofted Cabin for more storage!  This model includes a 4 ft x 8 ft porch on the corner of your choice and comes standard with a 36”x 78” 9-light residential door. The Side Lofted Cabin ensures ample interior storage space with both a 4 ft. rear loft and an additional loft space above the porch.

The Classic by Robin Buildings

Our Classic style is the very popular Americana with the addition of an eave on all sides of the roof line. It’s residential aesthetic makes this style a favorite for many homeowners and is the perfect structure for attractive backyard storage of your tools, lawn equipment, and so much more.

The Single Slope by Robin Buildings

The single slope shed, also known as a mono pitch building, or lean-to shed,  is an ideal building for all types of storage, man caves, she sheds, workshops, and more.  The Single slope style has a popular roof line, and allows a very pleasing and aesthetic look.  The storage building is designed with watershed on one side only.  This allows the storage shed to be utilized in a way that will meet your needs.  This shed can be designed to appear as an extension of your home, or can be built up against a house wall or fence.  These styles are very useful in yards with limited space. 

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The Vista by Robin Buildings

The Vista by Robin Sheds is a perfect addition to your backyard. The sleek slope of the roof is a customer favorite. Stop cluttering up your garage, basement, attic, and/or yard! Get all those old Christmas decorations out of your hall closet and into a proper storage shed. Think of all the extra room you’ll have in the house. When excess items are tucked safely away in a storage building, the things you use every day can be kept nearby for faster access.

The Screenhouse by Robin Buildings

The Robin Screenhouse is a wonderful addition that allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in comfort. Say goodbye to bugs and rain. No more uncomfortable evening outdoors. Relax in comfort and ease. Providing protection from the elements, this model is ideal for outdoor dining and leisure. The Screenhouse is especially valuable on a waterfront setting, as it creates a space free from mosquitoes and other insects. 

The Screen Combo by Robin Buildings

The Screen Combo by Robin Sheds is a great addition to your backyard. Think of all those items you have  around your yard, bikes, lawnmowers, garden tools, etc. If you had a shed you can worry less about them being left all around your yard. Enjoy the outdoors and have a safe storage place for all your needs.

The Greenhouse by Robin Buildings

The Robin Greenhouse is the perfect solution for your gardening needs. If you wanted to customize your Greenhouse, we have plenty of options. From our  16″ exhaust fan, shelving and so much more. This Greenhouse is great for anyone with, or wanting a green thumb. You can not only grow your vegetables, flower and plants, but store all your supplies and tools as well.

The Pumphouse by Robin Buildings

Get a Pumphouse that can perfectly match your shed. Don’y need a shed but want to try and match it to your house? No problem, we have so many customization options available for you. The floor less Pumphouse is available in two standard sizes. If you need a custom size just let your Rep. know.

The Multi Module by Robin Buildings

the Multi Module is built in our popular Floridan style, the Multi-Module is a popular option for customers requiring a large floor plan with plenty of room for customization. This model is the perfect choice for a garage, workshop, or simply for those seeking large storage capacity. The Multi-Module has a maximum size of 24×30 and a clear interior span with no posts or columns to compromise floor space.

The Tack Room by Robin Buildings

With the help of our customers we have come up with the perfect solution for you. We now offer a multi stall Tack Room shed. This shed is fully customizable. Pick how many stalls, what width, Length, Height you want and so much more. Call today to talk to a Rep. about making the perfect shed for you.

The Dog Kennel by Robin Buildings

Are you looking for a sleeker alternative to the bulky metal dog kennels? Take a look at our classy new dog kennels. You can customize it to your needs. It will be a great addition to you backyard for your pups. Call on of our Reps and tell them exactly what you need!

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