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Call them what you will, but these are not your average dog house.  Dog Kennels from Robin Sheds are built to withstand the Florida climate while providing a safe and healthy home for your pet.  and give comfort to the discerning pet lover.  Looking for an alternative to the metal chain link fence dog kennels?  Keep your pets comfortable in these high-quality Wood Frame Dog Kennels.

Dog Kennel Financing

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Enjoy 360° views inside the Dog Kennel Shed with a Robin Shed Virtual Tour .  In these shed virtual tours you will be able to make the photo full screen, scroll around, zoom in and out, click on items to view more up close and detailed information.

Dog Kennel 3 Run Virtual Tour

Dog Kennel Side House Virtual Tour

Dog Kennel Middle House/Storage are  Virtual Tour

Dog Breeders kennel choice, as they can be made with multiple runs.  These outdoor dog houses are perfect for those owners and breeders who pride themselves in taking care of their beloved non-humans.  Dog Kennels help to make the job of loving your pups prior to their new homes easy!

Don’t settle for a simple dog pen, treat Fido or Killer to a classy backyard dog kennel that will look great for years to come.  Why buy a cheap dog house, when you can provide them their own outdoor dog house mansion?

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Dog Kennel Delivery and Installation Included

Dog Kennel Features:

  • Pre-built Dog Kennel -no assembly required

  • Pressure Treated Wood Framing and Siding

  • Enclosed Dog House area

  • Magnetic Dog Door

  • Windows in the Dog House area

  • Back door for easy enclosed Dog House entry

  • Galvanized Chain Link Fence Panels

  • Choice of paint & stain colors

  • Multiple Runs Available

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